Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just a Little Update...and a Tip on How to Search!

Hi there!

It's been a bit since I last 'officially' updated the Blog, so I thought I would drop you a note to say that I am still here and working behind the scenes.

Currently I am in the midst of updating the Obituary sections, am working on the Fritchen family at the moment, for which I have many entries to log in.

Also, I am updating my Casson family tree line on FamilySearch, which is a bit time-consuming to unravel all the duplicates and misinformation there.

In regards to the Casson family...over on Ancestry they've opened up a new source for the records, "North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000". Since I am not currently a paying member of the site I am unable to view the actual records, which is a bit frustrating because I LOVE new record information!  However, I just wanted to share with you the simple fact that often you can work around such hindrances by simply doing a google search.

I used the the name of the publication, added the name of the person I was looking for, and searched Google. Happily, I managed to find the source for the source Ancestry opened up for this particular ancestor, and the best news is that it was totally FREE!

Once I've got it all organized I will list the source on the Source Page on the Blog, but I just wanted to give you the following Tip...

Use Google (or your favorite browser) to find free information! I type in just the name, sometimes the name with the source, I add dates and spouses or family members, or occupations...anything that might help narrow the searches. I don't use punctuation either.

Example:  obituary for donald fritchen in 1999

I have found obituaries, biographies, family links that I never would have found without doing a random search.  Sometimes the information for the exact family member doesn't come up, but it brings up family members that are related.

So, while this Search Tip isn't the most unique, and most of the more experienced genealogists are well aware of the power of doing browser searches, I hope that for those of us who are new to Genealogy this little bit of information will help.

See you soon!