Welcome to the Family Obituary section of the Blog. I thought you might like a short explanation of how I decided to list them.

  1. They are all listed alphabetically by last name. In the event that a woman is married, her name will be listed under her spouse's last name first, and include her maiden name.
  2. I've also included nicknames.
  3. While I do have the actual copies of the obituaries, I've decided to type them instead of posting the images. I've found the page is cleaner without them and easier to read. If you would like to have the actual copy image please send me a message using the "Contact Me" widget on the right side of the blog.
  4. Due to the way the blog is formatted, I cannot include official paragraph changes. To indicate a new paragraph I've highlighted and italicized the beginning of each one; for example... This is what a new paragraph start looks like.
  5. If there are any errors in the Obituary, I will include those as well.  For example, my 4th great uncle was born, Thomas Benjamin Baptist, that name is on all the official documents. However, he had multiple obituaries, and was also known as Benjamin Thomas Baptist. In fact, his headstone lists his name as B. T. Baptist. Other errors include dates, names, etc...
  6. The citation for each entry will include the name of the newspaper, in what city/state the newspaper was published, the date it was published and the page it can be found on.
  7. Along with the citation, I am including a link to their the Find-A-Grave Memorial, if I have it. (Be aware that not all FAG Memorials are updated with the correct information.  I am working on it, but it takes time.)
  8. I am also including the relationship that ties each person to the family, whether it be through birth, or marriage. 

If you use any of these obituaries, I would appreciate if you would include a link back to the page where you found it.  In the event that the information is updated, or new information is added, a link back to the Blog Page would be most helpful for those interested.


Name of Deceased
  • Headline: If there is a headline, it will be written here.
  • This is the main body of the obituary. 
  • Citation:  Where the obit can be found
  • Find-A-Grave Profile:  Only if they have one
  • Relation: how they are related to the rest of the family
  • Note: any notes that are pertinent, or interesting facts
  • Error:  if there are any errors in the obituary, I'll list them here

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