About Me

I am more than a Genealogist...I am a Family Historian.

There's a beauty to digging through old records and photograph's that one rarely realizes. My ancestors were...are...so much more than a name on a Census record or a long forgotten anecdote at a family reunion, they are the history of my life.

They lived...they breathed...they fought...they loved...they are the anchors of who I am and who I hope to be. I am interested in more than just ink on the page, I am in search of the stories of the lives that came before mine.

When I first began this journey of discovery in 2009 I was merely interested in dabbling in the history of my family, but the more I dug and the more information I uncovered the more I found myself wanting to know the backstory of their lives. My mild interest has bloomed into a full fledged passion to not only find those missing relatives, but to find the records that confirm the accuracy of information handed down throughout the generations.

What began with a small box of old family photographs and a hand written family tree has blossomed into a family tree that spans generations of family members, each with a unique perspective and outlook on life that adds to the collective whole of our family legacy.

Let me be the first to say, "Welcome to the family!"  I invite you to join with me in 'digging up our past so that we might discover our future'.

Kathy Wereb

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